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Welcome to Divinity!

Divinity is an officer run EverQuest EMU guild on the Project1999 server.   We're a great bunch of people who get the job done and have fun doing it.  Currently we are considered a "Class R" guild which means we are a casual raiding guild.

If you want to join up with some quality, no-drama people and are level 53+ feel free to apply. We are always on the lookout for outstanding people.  Our active recruiting officers are Veyron and Hispano (Spanish Mafia Recruiter). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

-Horsethief the Legendary Gnome Warrior & the officers of Divinity
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Innoruuk Dead in 11.3 seconds, need more dps?

KelvenP99, Oct 14, 14 9:53 PM.
It's been a busy, fun, and quite lucky past couple weeks on the Divinity raid front. 

Big Congrats to Thufwar on  Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth to complete his Epic
and Atomos on Shattered Emerald of Corruption for half of your cattle prods

PS: quit gating out so fast so i can take a screenshot!

Congrats on their recent epic completions

Tylwyn, Oct 9, 14 11:27 PM.
Big congrats to Uglee, Lofted, and Itching on their completed epics.  

Please be careful not to stand too close to Veyron and Lofted , you may go blind....

Lady Vox dies to Divinity alt crew

KelvenP99, Sep 29, 14 11:13 AM.
Been a busy couple weeks for Divinity, but hey, who's complaining ?  
Lady Vox down - loot to follow

Talendor Roasted - Nobles Drop Fools Gold

KelvenP99, Sep 28, 14 8:19 PM.
Talendor taken down by Divinity yet again:

Gauntlets of Fiery Might   Grats Uglee
Dragon Hero Bracer   Grats Mudwart

Some Nobles also down, and pillaged for golden armor

Golden Efreeti Greaves  Grats Rawbster
Golden Efreeti Chestplate 

FFA Trakanon dies to 29 Divinity - also Severilous

KelvenP99, Sep 28, 14 7:57 PM.

Singing Steel Breastplate    - Grats Roufas
Undead Dragongut Strings   -  Grats Veyron
Manna Robe  - Grats Sirriun

Play me some funky music Veyron

Severilous Also deadereded

Gauntlets of Fiery Might (Grats Kelven)
 Orb of Tishan (Grats Jellob)
  Treasure Hunter's Satchel (grats Kinjoh)

Severilous down, Lightsabers aquired!

Tylwyn, Sep 23, 14 12:23 PM.
Severilous down !
Green Dragon Scales

Grats Mikeo on some late 70's laser pointers !

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