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Welcome to Divinity!

Divinity is an officer run EverQuest EMU guild on the Project1999 server.   We're a great bunch of people who get the job done and have fun doing it.  Currently we are considered a "Class R" guild which means we are a casual raiding guild.

If you want to join up with some quality, no-drama people and are level 53+ feel free to apply. We are always on the lookout for outstanding people.  Our active recruiting officers are Veyron and Hispano (Spanish Mafia Recruiter). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

-Horsethief the Legendary Gnome Warrior & the officers of Divinity
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Sev's dead, baby.

Mudwart, Sep 13, 14 4:05 PM.
Congrats Mikeo on your light sabers!

Only a single screenshot surfaced from the kill...masterfully crafted by Rawb:

Trakanon was also put out of his misery this week. How dare he attempt to make a meal out of a Div gnOme!

Dwarfs always have the last laugh!


Mudwart, Aug 13, 14 11:33 AM.
Nagafen got his face rearranged by the late night crew. Nice work all.

Grats Trazzle!

Faydedar also met the Div Hammer of Doom. Only one screenshot was recovered -- here it is in all its glory. A collaboration by Rawbster and Zaftig. Prints, coffee mugs and t-shirts available for a limited time!

Grats Jodika and Quad!

Leaf blowers and lightning bolts

Mudwart, Jul 17, 14 1:07 AM.
Grats on epics you three!

Venril Sathir =)

HiSpAnO, Jul 15, 14 6:48 AM.
Grats to:

Jaggedpine and Aetholar on Pulsing Green Stone!
Ninik on Donal's Leggings of Mourning!



HiSpAnO, Jul 9, 14 12:05 PM.
Grats to:

Vehk on Cobalt Breastplate!
Kinjoh on Jaundiced Bone Breastplate!
Austek, Drakakade, Taminy and Zaftig on Trakanon's Tooth!

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