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Welcome to Divinity!

Divinity is an officer run EverQuest EMU guild on the Project1999 server.   We're a great bunch of people who get the job done and have fun doing it.  Currently we are considered a "Class R" guild which means we are a casual raiding guild.

If you want to join up with some quality, no-drama people and are level 53+ feel free to apply. We are always on the lookout for outstanding people.  Our active recruiting officers are Veyron and Hispano (Spanish Mafia Recruiter). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

-Horsethief the Legendary Gnome Warrior & the officers of Divinity
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2015 Super Update

KelvenP99, Jan 14, 15 10:43 PM.
It's been about a month since our last update, but that doesn't mean lots and lots of P99 monstars haven't been dying to Divinity.

Fortitude Shield of the Red Dragon
Fortitude / Traz - Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch

Cazic Thule
Metifo DawnFire, Morning Star of Light
EmychBarbarian Spiritist`s Hammer

Trakanon x2
Estuk - Manna Robe
Kelven - 
Blood Ember Breastplate
UgleePoisoned Mantle
Mystery PaladinDeepwater Breastplate

lots of dragon teeth to various peoples o.O

Vox and Nagafen
Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch
White Dragon Scale
KatlinGauntlets of Fiery Might
bankOrb of Tishan

Overseer of Air + Hand of Veeshan
Mudwart - 
Golden Efreeti Turban
other stuff! -- probably paladin loot

Chardok Royals
Vibrating Gauntlets of Infuse

Many more things from Plane of Sky,  Protector/Tola runs, and the endless Royals runs Drak loves to do.

Another big congrats to all our new full members!

Sampten, Emych, Cagiph, Qaden, Laurana

Hand of Veeshan, dead in a hurry

KelvenP99, Dec 18, 14 11:11 PM.
Wednesday night saw one of Kunark's harder raid encounters go down without a hitch.   That's right, The Hand of Veeshan, and his 2x fine steel daggers were removed from the plane of sky. 

The hardest part of this encounter was getting everyone to line up for a screen shot afterwards...
Thanks Vasartik for completely getting in the way

Venril Sathir and Gorenaire get deadered

KelvenP99, Nov 17, 14 10:34 PM.
Venril Sathir down, but not before he spun around last second and killed half the melee off.  /grin
I guess its a good thing knights don't swing fast enough to auto kill themselves on enrange..

Pulsing Green Stone Grats Quad and Rykynige
Mrylokar's Greaves Grats Ilmryn

Super sexy job on Gorenaire as well.  1 shot 1 kill is the way I like to kill dragons who aren't bothering anyone in particular

More Dragons, Sky bosses, Beta targets. and Paladins slain

KelvenP99, Nov 6, 14 9:07 PM.
Minor gap in our recent updates, but we've been busy playing around in Beta :)

Trakanon decided not to make us wait for a 3am spawn time (thank you) and went down easily.

Grats Foggon: Cobalt Breastplate
and Rawbster Poisoned Mantle

Since Beta has been down for the last few days, we decided to do another full 1-7 sky clear.

Some Paladins were harmed in the making of this screenshot

Naggy tangled with the Divinity alt crew and died, and dropped things... woot!

Innoruuk Dead in 11.3 seconds, need more dps?

KelvenP99, Oct 14, 14 9:53 PM.
It's been a busy, fun, and quite lucky past couple weeks on the Divinity raid front. 

Big Congrats to Thufwar on  Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth to complete his Epic
and Atomos on Shattered Emerald of Corruption for half of your cattle prods

PS: quit gating out so fast so i can take a screenshot!

Congrats on their recent epic completions

Tylwyn, Oct 9, 14 11:27 PM.
Big congrats to Uglee, Lofted, and Itching on their completed epics.  

Please be careful not to stand too close to Veyron and Lofted , you may go blind....

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